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Cosentino - Social Media & PR Freelancer - National

Cosentino - Social Media & PR Freelancer - Johannesburg

To undertake public relations and social media services for Cosentino South Africa & Africa and its sub brands.

Requirements of the freelance position:

Social Media - This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Develop and implement a social media strategy for Cosentino South Africa and Africa, taking into consideration additional digital marketing opportunities and recommendations that may be explored in this market.
  • Create up to 4-8 strategic creative ideas with identified partnerships with other brands/influencers per year (to be approved by Cosentino).
  • Develop a monthly creative strategy proposal for Cosentino South Africa & Africa, including inspirational ideas from the industry, recommended content ideas for the brand, content format recommendations, and identified opportunities to maximize relevant content each month.
  • Support Cosentino South Africa & Africa teams with remote publishing of content specific to an event received by the Cosentino team, on owned social media channels. This can have a frequency of up to 1 event/month.
  • Develop 5-7 monthly original (local) content (art + copy) for Cosentino South Africa & Africa for Facebook & Instagram pages (to include all relevant Cosentino & Sub Brands). The content will be uploaded in a template calendar (previously managed by Cosentino) saved on Microsoft Teams and must be maintained every month. At least 2 storytelling videos, gifs, carousels, etc. (Images/content provided by Cosentino).
  • Develop 1-2 weekly Instagram Stories for Cosentino South Africa & Africa (average of 3-5 frames).
  • Curate up to 14 monthly content for Cosentino South Africa & Africa Instagram (same content for Facebook).
  • Publication of original content and curated content from Cosentino South Africa & Africa on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Daily engagement on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Development of monthly performance report with social media KPIs: improvements, stats, and metrics.
  • Partnership and Blog: Brand Partnership with other brands of synergy to build Cosentino brand awareness in markets.
  • Awareness - to help identify 1 brand per quarter and target them to collaborate/ organize a showcase/event/presentation in our showrooms or theirs. The brand should share a similar brand audience to Cosentino.
  • Create at least 1 blog post per quarter to be uploaded on the website. Images supplied by Cosentino – assistance with coordinating photography when required. Topics for the blog may be related to local case studies featuring bathrooms, kitchens, and/or any other application.
  • Design of artwork for social media (or other) when so required.
PR - This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Liaise with journalists and publications on behalf of the company.
  • Research into interview, feature, and product placement opportunities.
  • Preparation of written material including press releases, press packs, and expert quotes for editorial inclusion.
  • Press office to include all reactive handling of all requests from journalists for images, prices, more information, etc.
  • Editing and uploading content from Spain for the South Africa & Africa News Blog.
  • Attendance at meetings, events, launches, and exhibitions as appropriate.
  • Supporting/planning events as appropriate or requested.
  • Preparation of monthly PR reports including separate reports for South Africa and Africa as requested.
  • Preparation of separate quarterly press coverage evaluations for South Africa and Africa.
  • Preparation of ad hoc reports as requested.
  • Research and writing/compiling of case studies including coordinating photography when required.
  • Preparation of award/competition entries as required.
  • Writing of advertorials/editorials and paid-for copy including award/competition sponsorship comments.
  • Proofreading as requested.
  • Support and proposals of actions during compilation of yearly advertising media plan.
Other - This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Assist the Cosentino Marketing Coordinator/Marketing Manager with related PR & Social media activities.
  • Provide monthly work in progress written reports of all ongoing actions and status.
  • Maintenance of internal shared cloud storage.
  • Assist sales and admin team, as well as clients as needed.
  • Attend marketing, product and other training relevant to the position.
Terms & Conditions:
  • A 3 month trial period for successful applicant is included. The agreement may be terminated by either party with three months' notice. Any notice required or permitted to be given under these conditions must be in writing and addressed to the other party at their registered office or principal place of business, or any other address previously notified to the party giving the notice. The notice may be delivered personally or by email.
  • The applicant acknowledges that, as a result of this agreement, they may require access to Confidential Information or other aspects related to the business. Therefore, the applicant is required to maintain confidentiality. Both parties agree to treat any data or information provided by the other party in a confidential manner during the development and undertaking of this Contract.

Please send your Cover Letter and CV to Linda Classen
  Linda Classen –  
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Application Guidelines

By sending Cosentino South Africa your CV and motivation, you will be providing Cosentino South Africa with personal information for the purpose of investigating whether you could be considered for an interview. Kindly note that this advertisement does not constitute an employment offer, neither is placement guaranteed during this period of consideration. In addition, by sending Cosentino South Africa your CV and motivation, you authorise Cosentino South Africa to make enquiries and checks on the information you provided therein. You further indemnify Cosentino South Africa against any action consequential upon such enquiries and checks. Cosentino South Africa will compile a shortlist from all CVs and motivations received and will invite possible candidates it deems suitable, for an interview. Candidates who may not meet the specific criteria of the position will be advised accordingly.

  Week 45 | Friday 10 November 2023 valid until Sunday 17 December 2023  
  Internal Reference 2023/10002  


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