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EBONY/CURATED Franschhoek - Hugh Byrne - 'Quick on Your Feet'
Opening Saturday 15 January 2022 at 11h30 till Saturday 26 February 2022

Join us for the opening this Saturday, 15th January 2022 at 11:30am at Bordeaux House in Franschhoek.

The exhibition continues until 26th February 2022.

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Wednesday 12 January 2022

Deepest Darkest Art

Deepest Darkest Contemporary Gallery - Memoir
Opening Saturday 15 January 2022 to Tuesday 08 February 2022

We're please to invite you to the Opening of Deepest Darkest's first Group Show of 2022 - Memoir featuring Leila Fanner, Anton Karstel, Ferial Mohamed and Navel Seakamela.

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Wednesday 12 January 2022 Updated 24 January 2022

Salon Ninety One

Salon Ninety One - The Island | Group Exhibition
Opening Saturday 15 January 2022 till Saturday 12 February 2022

Salon Ninety One is pleased to present The Island; a group exhibition featuring Chloe Townsend, Joh Del, Lucy Stuart-Clark, and Tara Deacon. The exhibition will open on the 15th of January and conclude on the 12th of February 2022.

The concept of an island is one that has fascinated and captivated our collective imaginations. From deserted sandbars to large land masses teaming with life, islands are so enticing because of their capacity for endless possibility. An island is defined by its isolation; however, islands are not alone in the expanse of the sea. Under the waves, each island is connected, and their birth is a triumph of destructive creation...

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Thursday 13 January 2022

Barnard Gallery

Barnard - Abstract_ed.
Wednesday 02 February 2022 to Tuesday 08 March 2022

Please join us for the opening on Wednesday 2 February at 6 - 8pm as part of the Newlands Village open evening. Complimentary drinks will be served.

Barnard is pleased to present Abstract_ed. an exhibition of works by selected artists whose respective practices consider varying degrees of abstraction in painting and mixed media. While referencing a number of 20th century masters, each artist nonetheless expresses a unique and contemporary interpretation of this established language in the history of art. Collectively and in conversation, these works articulate various interpretations of form and colour and akin to classical or instrumental musical composition require a sensory engagement to be ‘understood’.

Abstract_ed. includes work by Dirk Salz (GER), Jo Hummel (UK), Liberty Battson (RSA), Jennifer Morrison (RSA / UK), Tom Cullberg (SWE / RSA), Katherine Spindler (RSA), Asha Zero (RSA), Jill Trappler (RSA) and Maurizio Donzelli (ITA).

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Tuesday 25 January 2022

Gifa Breakfast

GIfA Professional Breakfast Meeting
Thursday 03 February 2022 from 07h30 to 08h30


GIfA Practice Committee invites you to the monthly breakfast meeting.

07h30 – 08h30 at the Killarney Country Club
(Entrance on 5th Street, opposite the 14th Avenue intersection Melrose Estate)

Topic: Latest Practice Matters - Speaker: Tania Glavas


GIfA members: R120.00
Non-members: R240.00
0.2 Cat 1 CPD points

For enquiries please contact:
GIfA NUMBERS: 010 006 5566 /7 - 068 495 0193
Email addresses:;

Please catch us on Mix FM 93.8 every Wednesday 07:00- 08:00 pm


Tuesday 25 January 2022


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